What We Do


The philosophy that underpins the work talked about here is that of Restorative Justice and we call what we do variously Restorative Approaches, Restorative Practice, Restorative Measures or Restorative Discipline and hence the name for our new network.

However we recognise we share many beliefs, practices and ideas with educationalists working in the fields of:
 - community building
 - diversity awareness
 - civic education and citizenship,
- conflict resolution,
- violence reduction,
 - anti-bullying 
-  hate crime reduction
- gang violence
- mediation
- problem-solving circles
-victim-offender mediation
- conferencing

Shared values and skills

We may use different words to describe what we do but we share similar values perhaps -

            respect;  tolerance;  collaboration;  inclusion;  empathy;  compassion; positivity

And we probably all believe in the importance of key relational skills:

non-judgemental active listening; dialogue; non-violent communication; resilience;
               assertiveness; negotiation; co-operation;


What we need:

-   someone to volunteer to help design a basic website

-   at least one representative from each country to keep their own page updated with news from their country, adding resources to help their colleagues move forward – and maybe begin to organise local events?

-   someone to  offer some hours a week to be our volunteer administrator until such time as we can apply for some funding.

-   people experienced with European funding streams

-   people with organisational development experience

-    people who know how to make the most of social media

-   people good at Marketing and Publicity – we want to ‘sell’ the idea of restorative practice to our schools and our educational policy makers