Welcome to our brand new website!

This space is for everyone across Europe who are working with, and in, schools to develop safer, happier, fairer environments where effective teaching and learning can happen, and who draw on the philosophy, values, principles and practices of Restorative Justice to achieve this aim. We believe that people can flourish and give of their best when they can teach, and learn, without fear of being judged, blamed, threatened, bullied, punished or alienated. This is a space to :

  1. share our practice, our successes and our challenges
  2. create and locate copyright free (creative commons) documentation that we could all have translated into our respective languages to use for lobbying and fund-raising purposes.
  3. share details of schools we work with who may be ready to share their experiences with enquirers keen to learn from their experiences
  4. share research and evaluation information-
  5. disseminate information about events, training courses and conferences we are organising or know about that others may find useful
  6. make links with our respective websites in our own countries if we have one. First steps We’ve set up a LinkedIn page to allow us to start talking! Join us by clicking here